Frequently Asked Questions

We greatly appreciate what Focus Relief is doing. Is it possible to send the profits from our purchase to a specific community program?
Great question. At Focus Relief, we are partnering with community programs from organizations with which we are familiar and can vouch for their effectiveness in addressing and alleviating hunger. If you have a specific organization or community program in mind for future consideration that meets this criteria, let us know.

I just purchased an image. Do I get a tax deduction?
Thank you for your purchase. Since we are not (yet) a non-profit organization, you will receive a gallery-quality, limited-edition photo with certificate of authenticity, and the photographer of the image will receive a tax deduction. Until we become an official non-profit organization, our photos are not to be considered a gift in exchange for a donation.

What do you mean by “gallery-quality” photos? Aren’t photos just photos?
If you’re going to spend $200 or more on a photo, we believe such an investment should last at least 100 years. Focus Relief’s premium photographs are printed by our boutique supplier using light-sensitive paper and silver-based chemistry. Unlike other suppliers that offer ink printing (where the ink is applied on top of the paper), our premium photo paper is exposed to light, and the image is infused into the paper through a chemical process.

Images from this “silver halide” process – the process that Focus Relief uses – are sharper, more vibrant and, with proper care, will last more than 100 years. To properly manage and maintain your photos, display them in a frame under glass and do not subject them to prolonged periods of direct sunlight; high or low humidity; and/or extreme temperatures.

We love your photos. Do you offer framing options?
In our opinion, framing is a very personal decision and, logistically, can be a complicated and costly endeavor to deliver large, valuable and potentially fragile works of art. In order to maximize your satisfaction and offer the most value to our customers and community programs, we feel it is more cost-effective for you to work with your own local frame boutique. 

When should I expect my photo?
We treat each purchase as a custom order (image, size, quantity, etc.), then send digital photo files to our boutique print supplier several times a week. We have them carefully inspected for imperfections, then personally signed and numbered by the photographer. You should expect delivery of your order between 5 and 10 business days. A certificate of authenticity, personally signed and numbered by the photographer, will be included.

My photo arrived damaged. What do I do next?
In the unlikely event that your photo arrives damaged, let us know. We'll arrange for a replacement to be shipped to you right away.

What is your Return Policy?
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact us right away. You can return the product within 30 days of purchase and get a refund or exchange the product for another one.

Please retain all original packaging, including receipts and certificate(s)s of authenticity. Once we receive the returned item(s), we'll issue your refund.

When you invest in art and humanity, everyone wins.