In the summer of 2017, photographer Tarik Trad traveled to Columbia, Missouri, with more than 50 pounds of camera equipment, to experience and capture what has become known as the Great American Solar Eclipse

Upon returning home to California and sharing images on social media, his friends suddenly wanted to buy his eclipse collage image.

Around the same time, hurricanes were ravaging the Texas coast, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Tarik was suddenly struck with an idea. While he usually gave away his fine art photography to friends and family, what if he sold some of these eclipse prints – signed and numbered them – and donated the money for disaster relief?

So, he did. And, in less than two weeks, he raised enough money for local food banks to feed more than 60 people – in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico – three meals a day for an entire month.

And, just like that, an idea was born.

Welcome to

Focus Relief – FINE ART Photography for Charity

Photography has the power to make an impact in so many different ways. It has always been my intention to use fine art photography as a way to give back to the community and, somehow, try to make the world a better place.
— Tarik Trad, founder, Focus Relief

Making a Difference

Donating to food banks is a wise investment as they are quite efficient with your donation. For example, consider this perspective from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida:

  • Every $50 donated to a food bank provides $450 in groceries

  • Every $125 donated feeds a family of four for over a month

  • $500 provides 100 weekend food packs designed to bridge the nutritional gap that exists when elementary school children lack access to school cafeterias

  • 97% of donations go directly to feeding hungry people

In other words, every dollar makes a difference for the most vulnerable in our communities, particularly the poor, children and the elderly.


When you invest in art and humanity, everyone wins.