Despite a healthy economy and an unemployment rate that’s at a near-record low, hunger is a real problem in America.

The 2017 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report on hunger and food insecurity classifies 41 million Americans – larger than the populations of California and Mississippi combined – as “food insecure.” The USDA defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active, healthy life. In addition, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reports that Los Angeles County has the largest food insecure population in the country.


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Our weekly roundup on the latest news articles and opinions addressing the issues of hunger and food insecurity in the U.S.

The Week of december 2, 2018

Women's Giving Circle of Missoula awards $10K to Food Bank in first-ever gift
Missoula Current - “This meaningful funding will support a program that lifts the voices of women who are the real experts on food insecurity, because they've lived it,” ...

Claremont Public Schools Make Space for Food Pantries
Valley News - In 2017, 7.7 percent of U.S. households with children faced food insecurity, defined as having difficulty at some time during the year providing enough ...

Feeding hungry students beyond the holidays at UH Community Colleges
UH System Current News - Although the issue is national, the impact of food insecurity affects the success of students on a local level as well. While the Hawaiʻi Promise ...

Denver Food Rescue plans to make its produce part of a program fighting childhood obesity and ...
Denverite - Food insecurity “is linked to obesity because it encourages overeating and low-cost foods tend to be highly processed and less health,” according to ...

Taking on Hunger with the Food Bank of Central New York
WSYR - A new study shows many still struggle with food insecurity in our community. Food insecurity is the lack of access to a sufficient amount of affordable ...

Newsroom Raises Funds, Gathers Goods for Food Pantry
El Vaquero - Somewhere near four out of 10 students who attend college or university have experienced “low” or “very low” food insecurity, according to a survey ...

Clemson to launch weekly farm market and expand research at campus farm
Clemson Newsstand - Crop variety trial research at Calhoun Fields is already helping feed local communities suffering from food insecurity. In collaboration with Greenville ...

Previous Articles

Letters: Food insecurity hampering health quality
Sometimes, in medicine, the best way to help people achieve good health and stay well has absolutely nothing to do with a diagnosis or medicine. It may have everything to do with what the doctors can’t see in their patient or on a chart.

Sustainable Development Student Alliance wants to encourage students to waste less with farmers markets
To celebrate the season of giving, the Sustainable Development Student Alliance rounded up local artisans and businesses along with usable food collected on campus to encourage students to waste less and give more.

Guess what food banks need in addition to money [Opinion]
Charities often ask for donations around the holidays because that’s when people are likeliest to be feeling generous, but hunger runs rampant every month of the year, and it actually peaks for children in the summer when school is out.

SDSU collects almost 600,000 pound of food for a local food bank
San Diego State University’s Associated Students chapter today announced its Aztecs Rock Hunger food drive collected nearly 600,000 pounds of food for the Jacobs and Cushman Food Bank, a new record for the charitable effort.

Marshall County food banks aim to help alleviate seasonal hunger among residents
Startling statistics from research conducted by Indiana food banks association Feeding Indiana’s Hungry reveal that one in every six residents is currently suffering from food insecurity, meaning that they are currently living without any form of reliable access to a sufficient amount of quality nutrient-dense foods.

Campus opens new hub for student food security, support
The Cowell Coffee Shop for the Peoples—an innovative nontransactional food store and cafe designed to address food access issues for the student population—is open for business.

Food bank program to assist area senior adults
A U.S. Department of Agriculture program is helping Harvest Regional Food Bank provide healthy food to senior adults in Southwest Arkansas.

Student groups collaborate for food insecurity discussion
A panel discussion on food insecurity and food injustice was held Nov. 13 at Ithaca College to emphasize the presence of this issue on campus and highlight ways students can help.

3 Kernersville (N.C.) churches helping children with food insecurity
One in four children go hungry in North Carolina. More than 479,000 children are what’s called food insecure. When they’re not in school, many of them don’t know where their next meal may come from or how they’re going to eat.

Paying off your parking ticket could help feed a student in need
This week only The University of Colorado Colorado Springs has been offering their student a great deal. Student's parking citations can be paid off using canned food.

Opinion: AU students are not immune to the epidemic of food insecurity
Innovative student-led ventures stand in stark contrast to bureaucratic laziness of university on issue of student food insecurity

Los Angeles County has largest food insecure population in US, data shows
"We have more than half a million households with incomes that are below 300 percent of poverty that are suffering from food insecurity," said Cindy Harding, Chief Deputy Director of Los Angeles County of Public Health.

Hunger And Homelessness Are Widespread Among College Students, Study Finds
As college students grapple with the rising costs of classes and books, mortgaging their futures with student loans in exchange for a diploma they're gambling will someday pay off, it turns out many of them are in great financial peril in the present, too.

Many L.A. County residents worry about going hungry or becoming homeless, survey finds
Los Angeles County residents feel generally lukewarm about their quality of life, and nearly one-third of them live with anxiety about going hungry or becoming homeless, a new UCLA survey found.

Hunger a Harsh Reality for 14 Million Children Nationwide
These children, who represent 19% of all kids nationwide, live in a food insecure household, which means that their families lack the necessary resources to buy food for everyone in their home.