Focus Relief Brings Antarctica to You with "The Way South"

Company founder will share photos, videos and stories from the Antarctic Peninsula as he traveled to the ends of the world – literally – in his quest to end hunger in the U.S.

MONTROSE, Ca (March 23, 2019) — In January 2019, Focus Relief founder Tarik Trad joined a select group of photographers on an epic air, sea, land and ice expedition of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Now, he is bringing the sights and sounds of Antarctica to you.

Teaser trailer for "The Way South - An Interactive Expedition of the Antarctic Peninsula."

Trad will be sharing his adventures through “The Way South – An Interactive Expedition of the Antarctic Peninsula.” In this exclusive arrangement, Tarik will be presenting photos, videos and stories from this historic expedition as he and his camera traveled to the ends of the world – literally – in Focus Relief's quest to end hunger in the U.S.

“Even months later, I am asked every day about the trip,” said Trad. “It’s impossible to explain Antarctica without sharing a piece of everything photos, videos and stories while also being able to answer specific questions. I believe this intimate format will serve as both a way to capture the essence of the expedition while also bringing attention to the issue of hunger and food insecurity here in the U.S.”

The expedition, led by Robert Salisbury Knight, a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Focus Relief advisory board member, was a breathtaking journey to the coldest, driest, windiest and harshest environment on Earth.

So far, “The Way South” has thrilled audiences in Los Angeles; Pasadena, CA; Glendale, CA; Redondo Beach, CA; and Fresno.

A question-and-answer session follows each session.

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The founder of Focus Relief, Tarik Trad, is a professional photographer, art director and digital strategist, known for his portraits, iconic landscapes, and dramatic sports imagery.


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