At Focus Relief, the core of our mission is to help alleviate hunger in America.

Focus Relief is proud to support community programs whose primary focus is addressing the issues surrounding hunger across the country. As an example, we are based in Los Angeles County, which has the largest food insecure population in the United States. We must do better.

Addressing Hunger

We’ve supported the following organizations in the past that meet our criteria by providing communities with programs addressing hunger in America:

Children's Nutrition Programs
No child should go hungry. These organizations help fight childhood hunger through innovative initiatives, such as healthy meals and nutrition education for kids in afterschool meal programs.

Summer Meal Programs
Programs that provide a nutritious lunch during the summer to children who would normally access their midday meal at school during the school year.

Senior Nutrition Programs
Seniors are particularly vulnerable to hunger. These programs provide seniors with nutritious food.

Nutrition Education
Programs that work to educate and inform children, adults and seniors about the importance of healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Client Assistance Programs
We support programs that offer assistance in applying for state-funded social and health services.

Teachers Aid
Programs that provide school supplies for teachers in low-income schools, ensuring an enriching classroom experience for children already experiencing instability in other aspects of their lives.


If you know of or work for an organization that supports community programs to end hunger, we want to hear from you.

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